Ready to Fall In Love with Siri?

The 1999 American drama and science fiction film 'Bicentennial Man' was based on a robot that spends time around humans and learns to become one of them.In the movie the robot, with help artificial human skin and hair begins to look exactly like a human and gradually his friendship with a girl(human) evolves into romance.They eventually engage in a romantic and sexual relationship and get married!

It is quite possible that in future Siri is a robot with fleshy pink skin who looks and behaves exactly like one of us.Would it be possible that you could easily fall in love and have sex with her? Believe it or not we are very close to this dehumanizing scary possibility.

In Japan, we already have Aiko a 'fembot' or a female robot that has been designed to be as real as possible .She reacts to physical stimuli and mimic pain.Careful attention has been given to all the anatomical details as well.She has breasts, nipples, a vagina and she also has sensors there! If you talk dirty to her, she can talk dirty back and she even yells back at you if you touch her breasts!

Aiko was designed help people to do simple tasks like make tea and coffee, tell them the weather, read a magazine or remind them to take their medication at the correct time.

Aiko has facial recognition capabilities and can distinguish different human expressions. She can identify human body movements and trace motion to detect what we are doing. She can also sense danger and is mindful of her surroundings (People hurting her). Aiko scans her surroundings and recognizes what objects are most important such as going to a bank and understanding that the points of interest are the money, safe boxes, etc.


So, here we have what some may call a 'perfect woman', with a stunning 32-23-33 figure, pretty face and shiny bright hair.She is always happy to clean the house for her man, help with his work or get him a drink for the evening after a hard day's work. A female that gains weight every month, but her figure stays the same and plus she will never ever nag! What else can you ask for? ;)

So will we in the future fall in love with a robot like Aiko or Siri? Definitely, it should be worth the wait for the rest of male chauvinists out there. Then again for the impatient, you can always try Siri for now!

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