Siri Gives in to Pressure

After Raj in the 'Big Bang Theory' discovered that Apple Computers had come up with the perfect solution for his trouble with woman , many other men are trying their luck.

After many refusals Siri has finally been persuaded to have sex this young man.Siri agreed to meet for sex after a lot of coercion from this guy in the video.We would have to wait and watch how this unusual sexual and intimate chemistry develops between the two of them.

siri agrees to have sex

We are looking forward to some kiss and tell stories from Siri about her adventure. Stay tuned for updates. :)

  • KirbleClaws

    @ChuckNoarus You aren't paying for his videos, and it's just a 5 second advertisement get over it you pussy. If you're complaining about how you have to wait week for a new video then you need to get a life.

  • ChuckNoarus

    @KirbleClaws its not free, I have to watch these tmobile advertisments and pay for my internet. Suck a dick

  • KirbleClaws

    @ChuckNoarus Why should you get free entertainment anyway you ungrateful little shit.

  • ilovetoastymedia

    People really don't need friends now. -_- smh

  • toxickatie

    forever alone

  • bigbubbus

    What exactly is SIRI?

  • NinjaLikeReflexes1

    Why are people complaining about how many pranks they do and how long the videos are? They have a life outside of youtube you know!!

  • BillieJean900


    • Ira

      No A5 chip? nothing? Just a white voirsen. I knew that there would be no iPhone 5, and just a 4S, but I thought for sure apple would at least give the touch the A5 chip and a better camera. I'll still with my Motorola Photon 4G and my 4th gen touch. For the people looking to get an iPod touch, go on Amazon, buy the 4th gen, and save $50. (Unless you HAVE to have the white one.)

  • SebaPee

    go to wallmart, pretend you and Siri are in love or "married" then you start to argue with Siri about what you'l cook for dinner. people will laugh their asses off when they see how retarded you are :D

  • revoltkid123

    @ChuckNoarus i dont see you uploading anything productive, so dont bitch. its not like he OWES you a video.

  • KingStivan

    make a contact number with name`s like (shit head in front of you) and tell her send a message to shit head in front of you saying move your fat ass ! ofc you will need to be in a long line w8ing for some thing for it to work :P

  • lolathehedgehog

    @undermaker4535 Lmfao, win. XD

  • ludah

    You should get 2 pranks a week goin..

  • BaileysGaming

    @amena1998 u dont iphone 4s..

  • TheGreek117

    @ChuckNoarus nobody is forcing you to watch his videos anyway, so stfu

  • TheJP3372

    Lol, i hope you don't say that to those other mobile phones :3

  • codediporpal

    @ChuckNoarus don't you have some stacks of wood to karate chop, chuck?

  • NiftyTan

    @amena1998 no its a speak command thing that can do pretty much anything and find anything its only on the iphone 4gs

  • 7braven7

    Ask it how many licks it takes to get to the center of the fucking tootsie pop! LMAO

  • Youriiza

    @overboardhumor you should do two pranks every week because one isn't enough

  • amena1998

    Is the App called Siri ?

  • thomaseskola

    pretend you can only talk into the phone not to the person directly. would be a classic prank.

  • kelfern123


  • BustaGutTv

    Now all we need is an ass wiping machine!!! =D

  • gbnrjbnrtb

    Walk past someone and say "where can I buy some condoms" and when they look you say oh it's Siri

  • fisch747

    Ugly gasses

  • OrangeSaint420

    Extremely nice! you should get naked.

  • BillieVSAvril

    @MistyKingma Haha I'm a genius!

  • MistyKingma

    @BillieVSAvril you're right, I don't!

  • MistyKingma

    @gigasnail thanks :)

  • adamabdelaal

    yea keep them comin been here since the beginning.

  • gigasnail

    Rockin' new glasses. Coolsies.

  • BillieVSAvril

    @MistyKingma Oooh depends on what type of camera you want and your budget, I could give a few but I don't know what you're really looking for. Is it just a basic video camera or something a bit more snazzy? And I dunno your budget and I doubt you'd really want to put that up on Youtube haha!

  • MistyKingma

    @johnc0008 hahaha, handle it!

  • MistyKingma

    @BillieVSAvril not sure yet. Any reccos?

  • BillieVSAvril

    @MistyKingma It will get better haha! What type of camera are you planning on getting?

  • Dillerbas

    please please please leave TYT :)

  • Seven3four1

    My sentiments exactlty, the pink glasses rock and the straight hair is just awesome! Keep up the great work misty!

  • brilliantmojo

    boner any1?

  • MistyKingma

    @BillieVSAvril Thanks! I liked this one too. I'm getting a new camera soon, so it should get EVEN better.

  • BillieVSAvril

    Glasses suit you! And I think this is the best NUSK you've ever done! I love your hair in this one too!


    great video

  • johnc0008

    I don't know if I can handle all this :O !!!

  • defect530

    lady gaga gives me the creeps.

  • MistyKingma

    @coinoptv WOOOOOOO! so excited for our launch tomorrow

  • MistyKingma

    @Wheels919 Thanks :) I love doing this show

  • TWiseau

    I was waiting for him to say "You're tearing me aPART, Siri!"