Sexually Attracted To Siri!

Love is the strongest emotions out there and a whole lot of things can turn into a mess with love. You never know what is going to happen next. Love is different for everyone,for some it turns into the best thing ever, for others its rough and leads to obsession.

In the last episode of the Big Bang Theory Raj's affliction was so serious that it apparently infiltrated his subconscious as well.He started dreaming about meeting Siri works, who he thought looks like a beautiful woman providing live interactions with the user community.This is what happend one young lady who's love for Siri has become an obsession

If you think you are in love with Apple's new virtual personal assistant Siri join us at'll be in good company ;)

  • wildjptx

    while --hahhahaha

  • bella069


  • aidanchin3306

    @bsdpowa because i think someone has to go tell you that this video is just a joke.... for fun.... just to cheer you up, even if it isn't, you don't have to call people "fucking retard" because their English isn't good. :)

  • bsdpowa

    @aidanchin3306 why do you even care who says what on the internet, it's internet ffs

  • aidanchin3306

    @bsdpowa ok, as much as you need to learn to chill down. maybe im too stupid to connect "you fucking retard" to a positive reply.

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  • bsdpowa

    @aidanchin3306 I wasn't frustrated at all, you need to spend a little bit more time on the internet to learn how things work around here, you can't capture the mood by reading a line of text

  • aidanchin3306

    @bsdpowa this was meant for fun, you should calm down a little bit and take this thing lightly, its either you find it funny or you don't find it funny. Getting frustrated was way too over.

  • bsdpowa

    @aidanchin3306 then don't record yourself trying to blame the product, you're the one not using it right

  • aidanchin3306

    @bsdpowa you don't call people fucking retard because you speak PERFECT English while they don't.

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  • LookMaNoBrains

    @monkeyjay13 WTF 'RYO' is so fucking EASY to pronounce. It is the same as 'Rio'!
    wtf is ur problem man???

  • monkeyjay13

    @LookMaNoBrains the vowel sound in 'work' or 'girl' doesn't exist in japanese. The same way you would saound terrible pronouncing "ryo".

  • monkeyjay13

    @Lillismoto Try saying some chinese or japanese words correctly then ask that question again.