Siri is no more no less a great entertainer.Everyday and night people make Siri better. Siri gets all funny and wacky with a guy can you guys chuck wood now?

Credit to Mike94 for sending us this.

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Siri Funny Zone


  • electroservice100

    I have Siri on my iPod touch so easy to download

  • albokid52

    It was boring up until you said. "Whos yo daddy" I almost spat milk from my nose, it was out of nowhere, lmao.

  • soccerulesify


  • MrDrProfessorMyea

    Whose your daddy?
    Steve Jobs

  • julielovesyou2

    the first one failed

  • joseulise

    fuck this shit! everyone asks the same stupid questions...

  • nobies123

    Lmao great video

  • TheMapleManic1337

    ask siri how do apple script u

  • xXsold13rZ9Xx

    Holy shit i have that same iphone case!

    • Adrian

      Same hear and i had the same one for my i3s and want one for the ipad as its best fitting

  • pizza3me

    Funny man

  • RioXavier

    Who's your daddy? That's a good one.

  • robotboy992

    I wish Siri was on the IPod touch then I wood upgrade my iPod for that

  • ne0nLife

    @briank2025 i bet you tried that on you're phone and failed.

  • Tim

    Nerd humour. Hilarious.